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Louise Heginbotham4 years ago

When to take your pup to a Rockhampton vet

First time pet owner? You’re in for some great fun with your new furry family member! You’ll be best friends in no time, taking your pup for walks, letting them eat your leftovers and playing tug of war with their chew toy—but just like any other living thing, your dog can get hurt and sick. Your pup can’t talk or complain to you, so you’ve got to keep a keen eye out for any strange or unusual behaviour. If your dog is displaying any of the following symptoms, be sure to book them in to see your local vet.

Pets are always a happy addition to the family, but what happens when they get sick? If your dog starts showing any of the symptoms or unusual behaviours outlined below, it’s time to take them to your Rockhampton vet.

1. Strange eating and drinking habits

It’s not unusual for dogs to skip a meal or two every now and then, especially on a hot day. However, if this goes on for more than a day, it is a clear indicator that something is wrong and your dog needs to be checked by a vet. Some illnesses cause dogs to develop strange eating habits, so it’s important to have them checked by a vet if they’re no longer interested in food. The same goes for drinking—if your dog is drinking water excessively, take them in for a check up. This behaviour is usually a symptom of kidney disease or diabetes.

2. Lethargy and tiredness

Sure, dogs can be a bit lazy. But when you’re holding up the leash begging your dog to come with you for a walk, and they’re not interested, something is definitely up. If your dog is lethargic and uninterested in things that used to cause it great happiness and excitement, take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.

3. Rough or dry coat

Has your dog’s usually silky coat become spiky to touch? If your dog has developed a dull coat that’s patchy or rough, this is a sign that something’s just not right. It’s best to take them down to the vet to get it checked out, as it could be caused by the wrong food, an allergy, skin disease or other issue.

Need to take your pup to a vet in Rockhampton? We’ve found some professionals who will take great care of your furry friend.

Rockhampton Veterinary Clinic

Your pet will be in the best of hands, Rockhampton Veterinary Clinic - Rockhampton
Your pet will be in the best of hands, Rockhampton Veterinary Clinic – Rockhampton

Specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of cats, dogs, birds and other small animals, Rockhampton Veterinary Clinic should be your first call. Whether it’s time for your dog’s next round of vaccinations or you just need to stock up on pet products, the friendly team at this practice are happy to help. Offering a full range of medical and surgical services for small animals, you can count on these vets to take premium care of your dog.
Where: 384 Dean St, Frenchville QLD 4701

High Street Veterinary Surgery

Welcoming vet clinic providing quality care, High Street Veterinary Surgery - Rockhampton
Welcoming vet clinic providing quality care, High Street Veterinary Surgery – Rockhampton

As Rockhampton’s longest established veterinary practice, you can be sure your dog will be in the best of hands at High Street Veterinary Surgery. Whether you need your pup desexed, microchipped or they require emergency care, rely on High Street Veterinary Surgery. Open 7 days, you can rest easy knowing help is always available!
Where: 79 High St, North Rockhampton QLD 4701

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What Rockhampton vet do you recommend? Let us know in the comments below!