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Louise Heginbotham4 years ago

Gold Coast parents, cook with a mini Masterchef!

It’s important for children to eat healthy, but what about teaching them the basics of preparing healthy food? Teaching the kids to prepare and cook meals early, and developing healthy food habits, will help them make better decisions about food later in life. While it may seem that kids and kitchens go as well together as oil and water, the only way to expand their skills is by inviting them to prepare food with you! We’ve found some great hints and tips to get the kids excited about cooking, and what activities are suitable for each age group.

Before you get the kids in the kitchen, keep these tips in mind.

  • Be sure you and the kids always wash hands, especially before and after handling raw meats.
  • If using the stove, turn all pot and pan handles toward your splashback to prevent anything being knocked over.
  • Hair goes up, aprons go on and sleeves are rolled up!
  • If you’re teaching kids how to cut veggies, start them with a plastic knife.
  • Keep a step nearby so your child can see everything they need to do.
  • Keep oven mitts close by!

Cooking with under 3s

By 2 to 3 years of age, your bub will probably be showing some kind of interest in your cooking skills. Take advantage of this and turn it into a teaching moment! Make sure all hazards are up and away from grabby hands, your pathways are clear and any cleaning products are far out of reach. This age group will generally enjoy:

  • Washing vegetables (great for teaching bub the names of different veggies)
  • Stirring ingredients (be sure these are at room temperature)
  • Sprinkling minor ingredients such as flour or icing surgar

Cooking with 3-5 year olds

Children 3 and above should have better comprehension skills, common sense and ability to follow basic instructions. However, skills can vary greatly at this age, so be sure to give your child tasks you know they will be able to handle. Just remember, safety first! Here are some activities this age group enjoy:

  • Weighing ingredients and using measuring spoons
  • Sifting flour
  • Cutting soft ingredients including butter, mushrooms and strawberries (remember to give them a strong plastic knife!)

For more information on cooking with kids, click here.

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Lollipop Lane

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Gumnuts on Hardys Road

For a centre focused on creating a sense of wonder and amazement for all little ones through learning, visit Gumnuts on Hardys Road. Offering a comprehensive range of services including long day care, occasional care, vacation care, as well as before and after school care, Gumnuts on Hardys Road offers flexibility for parents and quality early education for kids. The only Reggio-inspired centre on the coast, come down for a tour today.
Where: 55 Hardys Rd, Mudgeeraba, QLD 4213

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