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Eleanor Knight4 years ago

Escape the weather & treat your tastebuds in Wollongong

The weather is pretty miserable out there right now, so you're going to need something to warm you up. If there's a break in the weather, we suggest you jump in your car and head to one of these cafes in Wollongong. Rustling up hot drinks and tasty treats, these coffee hubs are some of the best places to hibernate until the horrible weather finally disappears. From hearty plates of lunch designed to fill you up, to naughty and indulgent treats which are perfect for a rainy day, whatever you desire one of these cafes will serve it up. So take care, dress appropriately and head out for something to warm you up from the inside out.

Mudcat Cafe

Serving the young and old, Mudcat Cafe - Wollongong
Serving the young and old, Mudcat Cafe – Wollongong

Depending on what time you decide to venture out, Mudcat Cafe have the perfect menu for you. If you’re fed up with the rain come the morning, head to this chic location for a breakfast which will be sure to lift your spirits. Whether you love nothing more than savoury breakfast or are sugar crazy all hours of the day, Mudcat Cafe have the ideal foodie delight for you. Dig into the banana stack which includes toasted banana bread layered with sliced banana, yoghurt, and a berry and passionfruit sauce for a mouth-watering experience. For the savoury tastebuds, enjoy the salmon breakie which combines scrambled or fried eggs with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce. Whether you decide to visit Mudcat Cafe for the early hours or late afternoon, you’ll enjoy nothing but delicious food and coffee.
Where: 7/2-14 Cliff Road, North Wollongong, NSW, 2500

Living Room Cafe Bar

Barista coffee, Living Room - Wollongong
Barista coffee, Living Room Cafe Bar – Wollongong

Put on your rain coat and head down to the Living Room Cafe Bar which can be found on Kirra Street. This fancy venue serves up delicious meals which will warm you up and keep you full while the weather pulls a tantrum. Well-known for their succulent burgers, it would be rude to leave the Living Room Cafe Bar without taking a bite into one, so make sure you order a stack off the menu. After your belly is full, grab your favourite coffee to top off your meal; from classic flat whites to piccolos and lattes, the Living Room Cafe Bar delivers. If your sweet tooth is getting the better of you, ask for a classic hot chocolate which is bound to hit the spot and fulfil your cravings. Don’t head outside to fight the storm, sit this one in and enjoy the comfortable and warm location of the Living Room Cafe Bar.
Where: 195 Keira Street, Wollongong, NSW, 2500

Lower East Deli

The paleo sweet potato brownie, Lower East Deli - Wollongong
The paleo sweet potato brownie, Lower East Deli – Wollongong

If you can’t stand sitting inside your boring old home, wander down to Lower East Deli and enjoy fantastic food which will take your mind off the weather. With a selection of both naughty dishes and healthy treats, regardless of your diet, your belly will be satisfied at Lower East Deli. As an indulgent rainy day luxury, tuck into a plate of hotcakes with vanilla bean ricotta and apple berry compote; not only does it look absolutely delicious but tastes even better. Trying to be healthy? Treat yourself to a paleo sweet potato brownie, which is both low in calories and totally scrumptious. Who said naughty has to be bad? Whatever you choose, wash it down with a premium blended coffee and relax in their quaint and friendly location for the perfect hibernation day.
Where: 70 Crown Street, Wollongong, NSW, 2500

City West Cafe

Indulgent treats, City West - Wollongong
Indulgent treats, City West Cafe – Wollongong

For all you sweet tooth sufferers, we have a surprise up our sleeves. City West Cafe is at the top of its game when it comes to serving delicious and indulgent dishes which ooze with flavour. If nothing can lighten your dampened mood better than a sweet pancake, make sure you head to this location. With a delicious menu including a variety of sweet and savoury concoctions, you will be left nothing but satisfied by the time you decide to leave City West Cafe. Our choice for you is the espresso ice cream and white chocolate pancake; this dish is designed to melt-in-your-mouth and is the ideal snack for a rainy day. Pair it with a traditional cappuccino and you’ll be more than satisfied.
Where:78 Market Street, Wollongong, NSW, 2500

Have you ventured outside in Wollongong? Let us know where you went!