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Beth McFadden4 years ago

The 3 best cups of tea in the hinterland

The Sunshine Coast hinterland has become a popular destination for both locals and tourists. Its quirky cafes and shops selling handmade goods make for a fun day out in an idyllic rainforest setting, whether you’re visiting with a friend or the whole family. One thing the region is especially popular for is their large number of quaint cafes that serve only the highest quality meals and beverages to all of their visitors. If you’re partial to a hot cup of tea, we’ve found the perfect rainforest cafes in Montville to sit back and relax with your Earl Grey while exploring local treasures.

Elements at Montville

Enjoy high tea with a view, Elements at Montville - Montville
Enjoy high tea with a view, Elements at Montville – Montville

Elements at Montville is home to a cosy tea house and café nestled among the trees. Serving up breakfast, lunch and tea six days a week, this is the perfect café to visit if you’re a bit of a tea connoisseur. Visit Elements at Montville and try one of their fifty specialty teas brewed to absolute perfection if a normal black tea just won’t do. Order a pot of delicate oolong or a flavoured black tea for a twist on your traditional cup.

If you’re hungry as well, their extensive breakfast menu includes delights such as the breakfast trifle or fresh toast served with bacon, tomato, balsamic and maple syrup. If you’re stopping in for lunch, try their savoury potted pie with house salad or the Elements house burger with crisps for something filling. If you’ve missed the cut off for breakfast or lunch, don’t despair as you can enjoy morning and afternoon tea at this fantastic café.
Where: 38 Kondalilla Falls Road, Montville QLD 4560

Everything Tea Room

Step into this quaint tea house, Everything Tea House - Montville
Step into this quaint tea house, Everything Tea Room – Montville

The Everything Tea Room is a vintage themed café and shop situated in the Montville Gourmet Pizzeria. Take a seat surrounded by floral tablecloths and fine china for a fun tea experience to warm you up in Montville. To de-stress, order a Daintree and chamomile tea for a light and relaxing cup. If you prefer something stronger, you can enjoy the festive season all year round with their Christmas tea; this black tea is a blend of Ceylon with flavours of cinnamon, cloves, almond and a hint of fruit.

The best part about Everything Tea Room is that any delicious tea you enjoy is also for sale in their shop. Take home a delicate fine china tea set and a bag of loose leaf tea so you can carry on the experience in your own home. While you’re in store, enjoy something off the menu including all of your favourite high tea treats. This is the perfect one stop shop and café for the authentic tea lover.
Where: 202 Main Street, Montville QLD 4560

Flaxton Barn

Don't go by this rustic barn, Flaxton Barn - Flaxton
Don’t go by this rustic barn, Flaxton Barn – Flaxton

Located in the Sunshine Coast hinterland surrounded by the rainforest and native animals you’ll find Flaxton Barn. Flaxton Barn is the perfect location if you’re looking for antiques, homemade gifts and homewares to buy alongside a plate of delicious food. Take a browse through the store for a whole range of homemade and vintage goods for sale, then take a seat in the Verandah Café overlooking the surrounding hinterland.

This country café serves up delicious homemade treats such as the luncheon platter or soup, as well as a range of fine teas to enjoy. Sit back and relax with a pot of loose leaf tea and a sweet treat such as the apple pie for a truly unique tea house experience. You’ll love the rustic décor and chance to sit outside with your hot cup of herbal tea for a one-of-a-kind café on the range. Don’t miss out on visiting Flaxton Barn during your next trip to the Sunshine Coast hinterland; here you’ll get the perfect pot of tea and have the chance to pick up a post card or gift for your loved ones at home.
Where: 445 Flaxton Drive, Flaxton QLD 4560

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Have we missed your favourite cafe for a spot of tea? Comment and let us know!