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Melissa Mackrell3 years ago

Unique Tapas Party Menus For All Occasions

Tapas is a snack or appetiser generally served with a drink, a tradition which originated in Spain. Ironically, it was first introduced in the simple form of a chunk of bread, which was placed over a glass to keep flies out — making it an ideal custom for Australians! While tapas has become more elaborate since it’s early origins, often comprising of a wide array of hot and cold dishes, you can make your tapas feast as simple or complex as you like. Hosting a themed tapas party is a great way to treat your friends or family, whether you’re celebrating a special event, occasion, or even just a shared love of food! Best of all, you can customise it to your individual tastes! Here are several unique menu concepts for themed tapas parties to inspire your culinary imagination!

Spanish Tapas Themed Menu



Tapas dishes:

Seared chorizo
Plums wrapped in Serrano ham
Chargrilled prawns in roasted garlic oil
Cerviche fish


Spanish crispy potatoes with spicy tomato sauce
Spanish green mixed salad


Mexican Tapas Themed Menu



Tapas dishes:

Pulled pork soft tacos
Chicken fajitas
Beef tamales
Chicken enchiladas
Mexican shrimp cocktail


Black bean and corn salad
Mexican Rice

Chocolate banana empanadas

Asian Themed Tapas Menu


Plum wine

Tapas dishes:

Prawn and chive dumplings
Pork buns
Steamed dim sims
Peking duck pancakes
Vietnamese rice paper rolls


Spicy sesame chicken noodle salad
Stir fried vegetables with sesame and soy


Green tea ice cream

Italian Tapas Themed Menu



Tapas dishes:

Antipasto platter
Mixed bruschetta
Salami, tomato, bocconcini and basil pizza
Prosciutto and spinach arancini
Chicken and asparagus crustless tart


Asparagus salad with roasted peppers and goats cheese
Italian roast vegetable and faro salad


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