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Alexandra Gibson4 years ago

Try these three locally-loved cocktails to brighten the night up

Cairns nightlife is drawing tourists and locals to its shores with a wide range of bars serving up exotic drinks. Whether you are new to the area or simply wanting to try something different with your friends, then head to these bars and try their signature cocktails that will tantalise tastebuds. To make your Friday night one to remember, we have scouted the best bars and what they recommend to try off the menu. So, put on those heels and head out to town.

Earth Tapas and Cocktail Bar

The dragonfly cocktail, Earth Tapas and Cocktail Bar – Cairns

The brainchild of Shane Finnegan, Earth Tapas and Cocktail Bar has put a new spin on traditional cocktails. Combining years of experience and passion for hospitality, he has created a cocktail lounge bar that is unlike anything locals have seen in Cairns. The back of the venue, called ‘Quake’, features art and music with a much more relaxed atmosphere; whereas, the front, ‘Earth’, is where all of your favourites can be ordered at the bar. Their signature Dragonfly is a fresh and fruity cocktail which is infused with dry ice, making your cocktail smokey and cold. These bartenders are taking cocktail making to a whole new level, allowing you to watch your alcoholic beverage as it is thrown up in the air then straight into a glass.
Cocktail to try: The Dragonfly
Where: 94 Lake Street, Cairns QLD 4870

Bernie’s Jazz and Piano Bar

The Coronarita, Bernie’s Jazz and Piano Bar – Cairns

If you and your friends have a deep appreciation for music and the blues then make your way to Bernie’s for cocktails and live entertainment which cannot be found anywhere else. Influenced by the golden era of jazz, the only piano bar in Cairns showcases authentic local talent that will have you tapping your feet. Locals have strongly supported this small but swanky bar which showcases local jazz acts and talented musicians. The cocktail which Bernie recommends personally is the Coronarita which consists of a baby Corona bottle upturned into a frozen Margarita which then can be sucked through a straw. His loyal patrons hit the bar on the weekends and order the usual, so they can sip one while listening to live music. This cocktail is a winner because it combines a Margarita and a Corona for beer and cocktail lovers alike. There is always something on during the week with trios, jazz bands and solo artists performing from 4pm.
Cocktail to try: Coronarita
Where: 92 Abbott Street, Cairns QLD 4870

Blue Mango Cafe & Wine Bar

The Watermelon Cozmo, Blue Mango Cafe & Wine Bar – Cairns

If you are staying at the Mercure Hotel then you don’t need to roam the streets to find a great bar and cocktail. The Blue Mango Cafe & Wine Bar has one of the most extensive cocktail lists which leaves little to the imagination. Fall in love with the views in Cairns all over again and drink in style at this spectacular wine bar. For those who are a bit more adventurous, a recommended pick from the bar manager is a Watermelon Cozmo for the ladies. This fruity cocktail consists of citron vodka, watermelon liquer and cranberry juice topped off with lime juice then shaken. If you aren’t a fan of watermelon then try their Lychee Tingle straight off the menu and enjoy conversation with close friends at the bar while the cocktails keep flowing throughout the night.
Cocktail to try: Watermelon Cozmo
Where: 209-217 The Esplanade, Cairns QLD 4870

We would love to know what is your favourite bar to order a cocktail at in Cairns.