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Sarah Russo3 years ago

Treat your tastebuds to a world of new fine food flavours.

Enjoying fine food no longer means sifting through dozens of specialty stores. Gourmet foods are now more readily available in supermarkets. Here, you'll see freshly-baked artisan breads, pre-made antipasto mixes, and shelves lined with delicious gourmet treats. Jazz up your meals with our top 4 fine food favourites. Whether you're looking to add a unique flavour to your next culinary creation, enjoy a wine and cheese platter, or create a charcuterie for guests, you don't have to travel far to find the ingredients you need.



Cheese comes in a great array of strong and subtle flavours with new varieties popping up everywhere. Definitely one of our favourites, cheese can be added to a dish for a creamy finish enjoyed on its own, as the ultimate comfort food.

Smoked Gouda: With its edible, brown rind and creamy, yellow centre, smoked Gouda has a strong flavour that works tantalisingly well with beer, fruits and nuts.

Blue: Strong and tangy, Blue Cheese can be used to make a delicious dressing or you can add it to any cheese sauce recipe.

Gruyere: This creamy cheese melts like a dream and adds complex flavours to a great array of dishes.

Flavoured Oil

Flavoured Oil

Adding flavoured oil to your pan before cooking, or drizzling it over side dishes, will add new flavour depth with virtually no effort.

Garlic Infused Oil: Add this oil to mashed potato, in place of butter, for a creamy garlic finish.

Rosemary Infused Oil: Season your meat with rosemary infused oil before roasting or grilling for a delicious herb flavour.

Chilli Infused Oil: Adding a dash of chilli oil to your favourite dishes will instantly raise the heat in your dining.

Truffle Oil: Use as vinaigrette for salads or trickle across vegetables for a delicious new twist.

Cured Meat

Cured meat

Cured meat is more than just a sandwich filler. The delicious cured meats listed below are guaranteed to take your next meal to a whole new level of flavour.

Chorizo Sausage: This spicy meat, from Spanish origins, is popular as an accompaniment to an antipasto or added to dishes like paella, roast capsicum pasta sauce, and risotto.

Prosciutto: Commonly served thinly sliced as an appetizer, prosciutto wrapped around meat (such as chicken) or as a pizza topping, adds a satisfying salty flavour.

Speck: The smoky flavour of speck (Italian speck is a smoked prosciutto; German speck is salt-cured fatback pork) makes a perfect addition to warm salads, stews and soups.

Condiments & Dressings


Gourmet condiments and dressings will take your creations to the next level.

Balsamic Vinegar Spray: Perfect for enhancing the rich flavours of your salad.

Relish: Move over tomato sauce, using a relish such as piccalilli, chutney or pickle (without the use of traditional sauces), will jazz up your burgers and sandwiches.

Mustard: Looking beyond the more common yellow and seeded kind of mustards, you’ll find flavoured mustards, such as garlic mustard, curried brown mustard and peppercorn mustard. These flavoured mustards can be used to create a crust on meats, as a base to a dressing or to add a tangy flavour to your burgers.

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