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Alexandra Gibson4 years ago

Gucci meals for a Kmart price.

We've all been in the situation where we say yes to dining out with friends but our bank account just doesn't agree. If you're 24 hours from pay day like most people you're probably feeling the pinch. For a delicious meal at a good price, check out these Cairns restaurants where you can get a quality meal for $20 or less. Avoid resorting to your credit card when your pay cheque is in arms reach. We have discovered some Asian feasts and Italian classics that have the ability to keep you full until the next morning. Everyone loves a bargain, even if you are bursting at the seems with dollar bills these Cairns dining destinations have something for everyone.

Goong Korean & Japanese Restaurant 

Indoor Teppanyaki stove, Goong Korean & Japanese Restaurant – Cairns

This Asian gem has a menu flooding with bargains that will make your stomach rumble. Order the Bulgogi for $19.50 which will come accompanied with stir-fried marinated beef and vegetables, rice, miso soup and kimchi. The decor is very traditional and this creates an exciting dining experience at Goong Korean & Japanese Restaurant. Try the hot and spicy stir-fried squid rings served with rice miso and kimchi for $19.50 or the hot tempura prawn udon for $18.50. Another crowd pleasing meal that won’t break the bank is the Sam-Gyupsal grilled pork belly with cooked kimchi on a hot plate, alongside salt and pepper dipping sauce, rice, and miso soup.
Where: Corner of Spencer and Lake Street, Cairns, QLD

Iyara by Sakare Thai Cuisine 

Iyara by Sakare Thai Cuisine
Appetiser, Iyara by Sakare- Cairns

Experience delightful authentic Thai cuisine at Iyara by Sakare where the chefs incorporate local ingredients and sport an array of seafood, pork, beef and vegetarian options. If you love a quality spicy dish Iyara by Sakare will not disappoint. For a bargain meal order the Gai Satay for $15 and add coconut rice. This dish has 3 strips of grilled and marinated chicken served with tantalising peanut sauce on a bed of coconut rice. Indulge with the Betel Leaf dish served with shrimp, coconut, ginger, peanut, chilli and fresh lime on a bed or traditional white rice for $18 or if you’re a seafood buff order the soft-shell crab with green apple, mint, chilli and coriander for $19.  If you’re feeling like a liquid lunch or dinner try something from their vast selection of $15 cocktails.
Where: Level 1/91, The Esplanade, cairns, QLD

La Porchetta

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 11.00.54 am
Mushroom pasta, La Porchetta – Cairns

How can you go wrong with Italian! Cheesy goodness and crispy pizza bases are always a tasty choice. At La Porchetta indulge in the small pizza with the lot and a garlic bread for $20. The ingredients on this one are out of control and include a homemade tomato sauce base, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, capsicum, hot salami, olives, onions, shrimps, bacon, pineapple and anchovies. If you want a slightly lighter option try the Caesar salad packed with croutons, bacon, boiled egg, anchovies, parmesan and drizzled with Caesar dressing for $15.90. The service at La Porchetta is always on point and the venue is very spacious. This is the perfect place to gather a group of your best friends and enjoy a fantastic quality cheap meal in Cairns.
Where: 108 Grafton Street, Cairns, QLD

Gold Boat Chinese Restaurant

golden boat
Mud crab, Golden Boat Chinese Restaurant – Cairns

Specialising in traditional and modern Cantonese and Peking style cuisine, Golden Boat Chinese Restaurant have experienced chefs from Hong Kong who produce the tastiest plates of Chinese cooking for less. This dining precinct is situated smack bang in the middle of Cairns and attracts numerous tourists and locals on a daily basis. Next time you’re strapped for cash pop into Golden Boat Chinese Restaurant and order the large portion Mongolian lamb designed for sharing with your best buddy and a side of rice for $20 each. Try their delightful selection of spring rolls, soups and dim sim starting at $6.80. Dine on a budget at the impressive Golden Boat Chinese Restaurant in Cairns.
Where: Palm Court, 34 Lake Street, Cairns, QLD

Where do you indulge for less while waiting for payday in Cairns? Enlighten us in the comments below.