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Eleanor Knight4 years ago

Visit a Emerald florist for lush flowers!

Flowers are the perfect way to brighten up your home and garden, without spending a fortune on expensive ornaments. Whether you're a fan of all things vibrant or a strong believer that less is more, we have found some of the best plants to grow in your own backyard. Do you love romantic roses? Perhaps you prefer plants like rosemary their versatility? Whatever the case, we have got you covered when it comes to spicing up your garden! Don't have an outdoor area? Have no fear as we have included a few fantastic Emerald florists that offer simply stunning arrangements, perfect for your home!


Stunning frangipani!
Stunning frangipani!

Who doesn’t love frangipanis? This stunning tropical flower carries a beautiful floral scent, which many of us link to summer, and is the perfect plant to grown in Australia. There are a variety of ways you can plant a frangipani including potting, bedding or planting alone as a feature in your garden. They thrive in well-drained soil and benefit from plenty of sun.


Beautiful borganvillia
Beautiful bougainvillaea

Love a bit of colour in your garden? Then perhaps you should think about brightening things up with some Bougainvillaea? This is the perfect spring and summer plant that benefits from sun, so be sure to plant it somewhere that attracts a lot of light. Bougainvillaea looks beautiful when grown on trellises or around an arch.


Delicate and light
Delicate and light

You can’t go past gardenia if you’re searching for the perfect garden flower. This beautiful species can require a lot of attention, but it’s all worth it for the stunning display of gorgeous white flowers. They offer a lovely aroma and grow best in the warmer months, from November to May.


Rosemary is a great choice!
Rosemary is a great choice!

Rosemary is a great plant to grow if you’re one for multi-tasking. This Mediterranean herb gives off a delightful smell, and once grown, can be picked to use in a variety of dishes. The best thing about rosemary is that it can grow in poor soil conditions and will thrive on very little water. If you’re searching for a new herb to add to your garden that requires little care, choose rosemary!


Bright roses
Bright roses

It’s no surprise that roses are one of the most popular flowers in Australia. These beautiful plants come in a never-ending variety of different colours and species, and can bloom from spring, all the way through to autumn. Surprisingly, roses are pretty hardy and require little maintenance, however it is always important to give them a good prune after every bloom.

So that’s your garden brightened up, but what about your home? If you’re keen to add a splash of natural colour to your living room or kitchen, we suggest visiting these Emerald florists who can work magic with flowers!

Blissful Blooms Florist

Bright and beautiful arrangement, Blissful Blooms Florist - Emerald
Bright and beautiful arrangement, Blissful Blooms Florist – Emerald

Visit Blissful Blooms Florist if you’re searching for a beautiful selection of flowers. Whether you’re into bright and vibrant plants or more subtle and understated arrangements, the talented team at this Emerald florist will be able to help. Providing floristry services for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and much more, don’t go past Blissful Blooms Florist for the perfect bouquet.
Where: 2/1 Egerton St Emerald QLD 4720


Great range of flowers, Spoilt -Emerald
Great range of flowers, Spoilt -Emerald

Offering a stunning range of floral delights, make Spoilt on Egerton Street your one-stop flower shop. If you’re hoping to brighten up your home with a splash of natural colour, we suggest speaking to the qualified team of florists, who will know exactly what to choose! While you’re here, why not check out their supply of homewares that include luscious soy candles and melts? You’re bound to find something you love at Spoilt!
Where: 22 Egerton St Emerald QLD 4720

Have we missed out your favourite Emerald florist? Perhaps you have a favourite backyard plant we haven’t mentioned? We’d love to know!