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Beth McFadden4 years ago

Try Darwin's best concoctions at these bars

While anyone can mix up any old drink, it takes some skill and practice to be able to whip up an amazing cocktail. Darwin is lucky enough to have an incredible number of bars and restaurants that serve delicious food, as well as tantalising cocktails. Whether you're a sweet tooth and love a fruity beverage, or you like your liquor strong, we've found the 7 best cocktails in Darwin that are sure to impress! Read below to find out what Darwin's best bartenders are mixing up behind the counter - it's sure to make you thirsty!

The Caribbean Sour – The Pearl

The Caribbean Sour, The Pearl - Darwin
The Caribbean Sour, The Pearl – Darwin

For a delicious sour twist on the traditional whiskey sour, head to The Pearl and take a seat in their courtyard. Although they have plenty of cocktails to choose from, the Caribbean Sour is made with Angustura rum, lemon, egg white and garnished with mint and lemon. Yum!
Where: Vic Arcade, 27 Smith Street, Darwin NT 0800

Kapow No. 1 – CHOW

Experienced mixologists for your enjoyment, CHOW - Darwin
Experienced mixologists, CHOW – Darwin

This South East Asian restaurant in Darwin is known for its wild and wacky twists on traditional cuisine. Alongside a huge range of flavoursome dishes, their cocktail menu is to die for. Our favourite is the Kapow No. 1—gin, lemongrass syrup, aloe vera water, fresh lime, sugar and soda water—but they also serve up a huge range of amazing cocktails as well as weekly cocktail specials.
Where: D1&D2 Kitchener Drive, Darwin NT 0800

Strawberry Capriosca – Moorish Cafe

Delicious strawberry capriosca, Moorish Cafe - Darwin
Delicious strawberry capriosca, Moorish Cafe – Darwin

If you head down to the Moorish Cafe for dinner, it’s hard to miss their extensive cocktail menu. While they mix up a huge menu of traditional and specialty cocktails, our pick of the bunch is the strawberry capriosca – made with Absolut vodka, strawberry liqueur and brown sugar, muddled with fresh lime and strawberries. This is a delicious fruity cocktail that will get your tastebuds dancing!

Where: 37 Knuckey Street, Darwin NT 0800

Cardinal Rule – Nirvana Restaurant

The Cardinal Rule packs a punch, Nirvana Restaurant - Darwin
The delicious Cardinal Rule, Nirvana Restaurant – Darwin

Where do you start with the cocktails at Nirvana Restaurant? Their housemade concoctions are all mouthwateringly delicious and made from only the best ingredients. One of their most unique drinks has to be the Cardinal Rule; special Ron Matasalem Gran Reserva 15 years rum, mixed with salted caramel syrup, egg, a splash of port and sprinkled with nutmeg. This one’s for the sweet tooth and the rum connoisseur alike!
Where: 800/6 Dashwood Crescent, Darwin NT 0800

Earl Grey Martini – Q Bar & Brasserie

The popular Earl Grey martini, Q Bar
The popular Earl Grey martini, Q Bar & Brasserie – Darwin

The Q Bar & Brasserie has only recently started serving up cocktails, but they’ve kicked it off with a bang! One of their most popular beverages is the Earl Grey martini; the utmost of sophistication served in a fancy glass. Like any good martini, this cocktail is made from quality gin and then shaken (not stirred) with lemon juice, egg white, sugar syrup and Earl Grey tea. Delish!
Where: 152/12 Salonika Street, Parap NT 0820

Espresso Martini – Monsoons Restaurant and Party Bar

Their famous espresso martinis,
Their famous espresso martinis, Monsoons Restaurant & Bar – Darwin

Monsoons Restaurant and Party Bar has worked hard to perfect this traditional favourite. A delicious blend of Kahlua, premium Kettle One vodka, and home-brewed espresso, this house specialty will perk you up and keep you going for the rest of the evening. Don’t go past this smooth blend for your next cocktail.
Where: 46 Mitchell Street, Darwin NT 0800

Pimms Jug – Wisdom Bar & Cafe

Fruity Pimms jug,
Fruity Pimms jug, Wisdom Bar & Cafe – Darwin

Another traditional favourite, the Pimms Jug – a treat big enough to share and sweet enough that you might forget it’s alcoholic! A pitcher packed to the brim with fresh fruit, Hendricks gin, Pimms and then filled with ginger ale, this is a refreshing cocktail to share. Wisdom Bar and Cafe make one of the best around, so make sure you order your table a round next time you’re out!
Where: 48 Mitchell Street, Darwin NT 0800

Have we missed your favourite Darwin cocktail? Tell us about it below!