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Eleanor Knight4 years ago

Warm up from the inside out with a Hot Toddy in Port Mac

Darker evenings and lower temperatures can mean only one thing; winter is getting closer. If you’re starting to feel a little chilly in the evening and fancy something to pick up your mood, why don’t you try a classic Irish favourite to warm you from the inside out? Hot whisky is a classic beverage in the little leprechaun country that is enjoyed by many across the nation. It is said that if you feel under the weather, a hot whisky before bedtime can magically fight off nasty colds. Here at LocalSearch we want to put this analogy to the test, would you like to join us Port Macquarie?

Hot whisky (better known as Hot Toddy) is a simple yet affective concoction that claims to work miracles if you’re feeling down in the dumps. Before whipping up this magical Irish classic, pop in to of your local bottleshops in Port Macquaire for a top shelf bottle of whisky. Don’t know where to go? We’ve included a few of our favourite liquor stores below!


One shot of top shelf whisky
– One teaspoon of sugar
– Two cups of boiled water
– A quarter of lemon (roundly sliced)
– Eight cloves


Once your water has come to the boil, add the whisky and sugar to a warm glass before pouring in the boiling water. Stir the mixture together well. Insert the cloves into a slice of lemon and add to the glass. Add another slice of lemon to the lip of the glass for garnish, and enjoy.

Head to these bottleshops in Port Macquarie to pick up your favourite bottle of whisky for this classic Irish drink that will promise to keep you warm during the winter months.

Lighthouse Cellars

If you’re looking for a bottleshop that stocks premium spirits look no further than the Lighthouse Cellars. The friendly team at this Port Macquarie bottleshop will help you find the perfect bottle of whisky for your Hot Toddy, regardless of whether you’re after a classic Irish label or a bottle closer to home. Are you after more than just whisky? The Lighthouse Cellars stock a wide selection of beverages including premium wines, beers, spirits and ciders, so be sure to scan the shelves for more than just your ingredients for tonight’s winter warmer.
Where: 42/44 Watonga Street, Lighthouse Beach Shopping Village, Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

Tacking Point Tavern

Visit the Tacking Point Tavern if you’re after friendly service and top notch bottles. The staff at this local bottleshop are knowledgeable on all types of liquor and will know exactly what whisky you should buy. You never know, they may even be fans of Hot Toddy themselves! While you’re here, why don’t you take a look at the other bottles in stock, including a number of Australian beers, wines and spirits? Swing by to Tacking Point Tavern for a top notch bottle of whisky today!
Where: Corner Ocean & Emerald Drive, Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

Flynn Beach Cellars

Another brilliant bottleshop in Port Macquarie is Flynn Beach Cellars. Located on Clarence Street, pop by this friendly and thoroughly stocked location for some of the best bottles in Australia. With a number of classic whiskys on the shelf, it won’t be hard to come across the perfect bottle for your Hot Toddy. New to the world of whisky and don’t know where to start? Ask the team at Flynn Beach Cellars what they would recommend. If you’re looking for a fantastic range of alcohol in Port Macquarie, don’t go past Flynn Beach Cellars.
Where: 57 Pacific Drive, Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

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Where is your favourite bottleshop in Port Macquarie? Let us know in the comments below!