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Sarah Russo3 years ago

These are officially the best fish for your freshwater aquarium!

Forget about the common goldfish and the gorgeous and so-yesterday Siamese fighting fish, we’ve found the best fish to make your aquarium the talking point of your home or office.



Salinity: Freshwater

Size: Up to 40cm

Lifespan: Up to 15 years


Oscars come in 3 beautiful sub-species that will fill your tank with striking colours. These colours are:

Albino Tiger: A glistening albino fish with an array of orange patterns. Some Albino Tigers will have just a few orange spots, while others will have an intricate display.

Red: A Red Oscar can be hard to find and is the most aggressive of the 3 sub-species. These types of Oscars are a bold blood red with a black outline.

Tiger Red: A Tiger Ted Oscar can be quite intimidating to look at, with a black body and bold red designs. Similar to the Albino Tiger, the patterns vary.

Tank Life

To put it simply, Oscars don’t like to play nice. Unless you want to watch a re-enactment of ‘The Hunger Games’, keep smaller fish (that Oscars love to eat) out of the tank. You can keep quite a few Oscars together in a tank (no less than 3), but keep in mind they do grow quite large and will need plenty of room.

As you may have guessed, Oscars are carnivores. Their preferred diet is a battlefield of live crickets, bloodworms and brine shrimp. Some Oscars are known to be aggressive, so keeping your fingers out of the tank when feeding.

Neon Tetra 

Neon Tetra

Salinity: Freshwater

Size: Up to 5cm

Lifespan: 5-10 years


As the name would suggest, Neon Tetras are…neon. When you visit your local aquarium or pet shop you’ll be able to find Neon Tetras in various shades of red, white, blue, silver and black.

Tank Life

Neon Tetras are the polar-opposite of Oscars. These fish are docile, small and love to dart around the tank in large groups. When setting up your tank, ensure you include plenty of tank plants for them to hide in.

Supplying a varied diet for your Neon Tetras is recommended. Sprinkle in a small amount of high-quality fish flakes in the morning, switching it up with brine shrimp or aquarium-recommended bloodworms.

Flowerhorn Cichlid 

Flowerhorn Cichlid

Salinity: Freshwater

Size: Up to 40.6cm

Lifespan: 5-8 years


If you’re looking for an elaborate fish to put on display in your aquarium, a Flowerhorn Cichlid is perfect! Their flamboyant colours were created by being crossbred (they don’t exist in the wild).

Sub-species include the King Kong Parrots, Red Ingots and Golden Monkey. Ranging from glorious red, yellow, silver, green, blue and every colour in between, they are beautiful fish!

Tank Life

Flowerhorn Cichlids are very aggressive and should be kept in the tank by themselves. As they are quite big and impressive to look at, you won’t miss any other fish in the tank.

A diverse diet is key to a bold looking Flowerhorn Cichlid. Your local aquarium will be able to recommend the best food for your fish.

Ready To Start Your Freshwater Aquarium?

Your local aquarium or pet shop will be able to help you collect everything you need to create a perfect home for your fishy friends.

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