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Elise Stevenson3 years ago

Does your New Years Resolution make the list?

We’re all guilty of making a New Years resolution, staying motivated for a week, only to fall back into old habits. We’ve found the 5 most common resolutions, along with some tips to help you stick to it.

1. Get Healthy

Eating and living healthier is by far the most popular resolution. Adding more fruits and vegetables into your diet is one way to help you get started. If you find it difficult to maintain your eating while on-the-go, be sure to research some amazing health-food restaurants that are popping up all over Australia.

The Beet Bar

Delicious organic meals, The Beet Bar - Townsville
Delicious organic meals, The Beet Bar – Townsville

To achieve a well-balanced diet in Townsville without the guilt trip, look no further than The Beet Bar. Offering a wide variety of organic meal choices, you’re guaranteed to stay energised all day. At this Townsville restaurant, you can expect:

  • Vegetarian and vegan options
  • Cold-pressed juices
  • Cakes for special occasions

All of their meals are made on the premises, with both raw and cooked deserts available. Hop down to The Beet Bar for some delectable and healthy treats!

2. Lose weight 

After the Christmas feast, many are inclined to start losing those unwanted kilos in the New Year. Fitting an exercise regime into your busy schedule may be difficult but it is possible! It’s not all about losing weight – be sure to set realistic goals that will help you enjoy the milestones.

NQ Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy

Stock image
Stock image

The NQ Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy will keep you disciplined mentally and physically, to ensure you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Their services include:

  • Self-defence classes
  • BeSafe programs
  • Kickboxing

With a mentor accredited by the late Bruce Lee, you’ll be fighting fit! Kick that weight to the kerb and visit the NQ Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy today!

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3. Start a New Career

When the New Year rolls around, we generally reflect on how much progress we have made, especially in our career. To you, the best resolution may mean a fresh start with a new job. Sit down and figure out what you want in your professional life, create a strong online profile and fine-tune your skills to give yourself the best chance.

Professional Training Services

Bringing the dummy back to life, Professional Training Services – Townsville

Looking to obtain certificates in machinery and safety in Townsville? Professional Training Solutions has the solution for you. Their services include:

  • Training suited for beginners
  • Nationally recognised packages
  • Accredited trainers and assessors

Training can be completed at various times of the day and night to ensure it suits your requirements. Visit the Professional Training Services’ LocalSearch profile for a full list of their services and start your resolution today!

4. Home Improvements

Many decide that it’s time to spruce up their living environment by undertaking some DIY projects. Not only will this improve your home, it will also boost your confidence! If you would rather spend your time relaxing, check out this great local Townsville handyman.

T & M Moore Carpentry

Beautiful carpentry to liven up your home, T & M Moore Carpentry - Townsville
Beautiful carpentry to liven up your home, T & M Moore Carpentry – Townsville

The team at T & M Moore Carpentry are your Townsville handymen, qualified to assist you with any job, big or small. Their services include:

  • General carpentry
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs

They also provide free quotes. So what are you waiting for? Visit T & M Moore Carpentry’s LocalSearch profile and get those odd jobs done and dusted.

5. De-clutter and Clean

An annual clean-out of your home will help rid yourself of unnecessary items and clutter. Start one room at time, or better yet, get a professional!

P.A.T.S. Cleaning Service

Making everything sparkle and shine, P.A.T.S. Cleaning Services - Townsville
Making everything sparkle and shine, P.A.T.S. Cleaning Services – Townsville

Since 1999, P.A.T.S. Cleaning Service has been keeping homes and businesses in Townsville spick and span. Their services include:

  • Regular office cleans
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Bond cleans

These skilled cleaners are fully insured and will provide great results. Visit P.A.T.S. Cleaning Service’s LocalSearch profile to book their services today.

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