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Rachel Barnes4 years ago

Fulfil all your wishes with these chilli flavoured dishes

Is your obsession with intense spices so prominent that you won't rule out the fact that you were possibly a notable spice merchant in a previous life? This may seem like a very way out concept but if you put chilli and spice and all things nice on a major pedestal it's likely to be the case. If you love exotic flavours from around the world that make you all hot and bothered, then reach for your bottle of milk and visit these Mackay restaurants that will take you from zero to one hundred real quick. Tell the friendly waiters what you want, what you really really want, and that is a spicy explosion which will make your eyes cry tears of lava, and your tastebuds do the Macarena.

Sam’s Singapore Restaurant

If you want a dish that will turn up your body heat the way a wedding DJ can turn up the romance in a room, visit Sam’s Singapore Restaurant with your favourite friends. Their signature, extremely spicy dish the X.O Chow Mein is as hot as Rhonda is for Ketut, so be prepared. Or don’t be disappointed and order the Singapore Chilli noodles which is as much of a crowd pleaser as Bonnie Tyler’s ‘total eclipse of the heart’. This is some authentic Asian cuisine that stays true to its roots. The chilli is a universal symbol of love, so If you’re planning on taking someone on a hot date, Sam’s Singapore Restaurant is the place to be as you’ll be pleased to know they are heavy handed with the chilli paste. Get your baby spices tongue sizzling as you both indulge in some traditional Asian delights. Their friendly staff will be alert and able to give expert advice when it comes to their awesomely sequenced menu. Start with entrees, work into the mains and complete your fiery Asian dining experience with one of their traditional desserts.
Where: 7 Wood Street Mackay, QLD, 470 

Hot Wok 

For an array of dishes that will turn you fire engine red in the best possible way, visit Hot Wok in Mackay for some amazing South East Asian persuasion. If you’re feeling like you want to be taken down the yellow brick road of food discovery, enjoy one of their banquets jam packed with every Asian delight imaginable. The decor is super fun here, which makes for the ideal spot to take your crazy mother or annoying little sister who has an immature palate. If you’re wanting to impress someone special their overhanging red lanterns will flood your partner with sensual light, while you enjoy an aphrodisiac filled spicy meal together. This truly is a multi-dimensional dining destination. Hot Wok has bee injecting patrons with spicy, high quality Asian food for the past nine years, so they have basically got it down pat now. Order the hot box or the chilli prawns (extra hot) if you’re looking for the ultimate chilli eruption.
Where: 44 Macalister Street, Mackay, QLD, 4740

Roshni Indian Restaurant & Takeaway 

So put down that spring roll and let’s steer away from South East Asia for this last one and head West, to the land famous for Gandhi and the sari. Indian cuisine is renowned for the incorporation of hundreds and thousands of traditional spices throughout their dishes. Regardless of whether you’re a vegetarian, pescatarian or a ferocious carnivore looking to pounce on a spicy little gazelle, Roshni Indian Restaurant & Takeaway have a dish to satisfy all. You can dine-in and over order from their outrageously extensive menu, or enjoy your chicken vindaloo in the comfort of your own home with your honey and a heat pack. Do yourself a favour and take some time this week to add Roshini Indian Restaurant & Takeaway to your dining repertoire, namaste.
Where: 7/67 Boundary Road, Ooralea QLD, 4740

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