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Shae Killey4 years ago

Chilli lovers rejoice for these Tamworth eateries

Tamworth locals know just how cold it can get during the winter months. Instead of spending your nights freezing your butt off in the kitchen, head to a Tamworth restaurant and warm yourself up with a quality restaurant-style meal. Whether you're into spicy Indian cuisine or prefer a hot authentic Asian dish, there's a restaurant that can satisfy your needs in Tamworth. If you're a lover of chilli and can't leave a restaurant without trying their hottest menu selections, then you're going to love this article. We've scoured Tamworth and found some of the best restaurants, serving the hottest food, that'll warm you from the inside out.

What are you waiting for? Bring the family along and test out your chilli-eating abilities at some of these Tamworth restaurants. If not everyone coming is into their hot food, these restaurants also serve a range of other great tasting dishes to suit all palates.

Intense Indian infusions

Tandoori Tucker

Relaxing atmosphere, Tandoori Tucker - Tamworth
Relaxing atmosphere, Tandoori Tucker – Tamworth

Indian curries are notoriously a great winter food; perfect for keeping you warm during those winter nights. The food served at Tandoori Tucker is both tasty and affordable. For the ultimate spicy feast, we suggest starting with a spicy chicken tikka for entree; this little flaming treat features a boneless chicken fillet marinated in their chef’s specialty spicy sauce, cooked in a clay Tandoor, and served with a side of yoghurt to both complement the meal and cool your mouth. The main event however, is the hot beef vindaloo. This beautiful dish features beef cooked in special vindaloo sauce and served with tomato, vinegar, paprika, fresh chilli and garam masala. You really can’t look past the hot and tasty dishes at Tandoori Tucker this winter.
Where: 253 Peel St Tamworth NSW

Delhi Delight

Great tasting curry dish, Delhi Delight - Tamworth
Great tasting curry dish, Delhi Delight – Tamworth

Delhi Delight is another Indian gem located in the heart of Tamworth. Bring the family down and enjoy all your favourite curry dishes, cooked to perfection. For the chilli lovers, we suggest ordering the lamb madras; this traditional South Asian dish features lamb cubes with mustard seeds and coconut milk, cooked in a special hot sauce. If your partner doesn’t have the same passion for spice, they may want to try the ever-popular butter chicken that is just bursting with flavour. Whatever delicious dish you choose to indulge in, you’re sure to enjoy the relaxing surrounds and friendly staff at this Tamworth favourite. Feel like eating spicy food from the comfort of your own home? With free delivery for orders over $50, Delhi Delight is a great takeaway option as well.
Where: 189 Carthage St East Tamworth NSW

Hot Chinese chilli dishes

Dragon Palace

Traditional decor, Dragon Palace - Tamworth
Traditional decor, Dragon Palace – Tamworth

One step inside this award-winning restaurant and you will be blown away by the themed decor, that will instantly transport you to the middle of China. Established over 25 years ago, the always friendly team at Dragon Palace have been serving the best Chinese and Malaysian cuisine in Tamworth – with a few dishes that’ll have steam coming from your ears. We suggest starting with a hot and sour soup, before bracing yourself for a mouth-burning main. Order either the volcano prawns or the braised king prawns with szechuan sauce, as these dishes are the perfect mix of seafood flavours infused with chilli spices. If you’re with the family, there are a range of banquet options that not only give you a great variety of flavoursome dishes, but are also very affordable. Open 7 days a week for dinner and for lunch 12pm to 2pm everyday except Saturday, be sure to stop by Dragon Palace for a little piece of Asia in Tamworth.
Where: 528 Peel St Tamworth NSW

Have we missed your favourite place to get some spicy delights? Tell us which Tamworth restaurants we missed in the comments below.