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Alexandra Gibson4 years ago

Sip away as you float with a Pina Colada in your hand

When on holidays, it is all about the little things that make a big difference. For those of you making the annual trip to the Whitsundays for one of Australia's best vacation destinations try something a bit different and enjoy your premium alcoholic beverages at these pool bars. Nothing can beat tropical weather, warm water and a Pina Colada with your favourite coloured umbrella in it. So, as you are landing at this spectacular destination, remember to bookmark this article to help you find the three best pool bars in the Whitsundays.

Hamilton Island

Island Bar at Hamilton Island

Swim to the Island Bar for a drink, Main Pool - Hamilton Island
Swim to the Island Bar for a drink, Main Pool – Hamilton Island

There is only one word that truly encapsulates this drinking experience on Hamilton Island – heaven. Located at the Main Pool, you can dive in for a swim before ordering a Martini while you’re surrounded by the crisp pool water. Replicating a tropical garden, the Island Bar almost feels like a slice of Eden where you can frolic with family and friends from sunrise to sunset. Do your quickest freestyle stroke towards the bar that looks like a hut, to find friendly bartenders mixing your drinks. If you are looking to get that even tan, then rest your head beside the pool as you bask in the glory that is Hamilton Island. So, after you have had a few fruity alcoholic beverages close your eyes and listen to the sounds of paradise from the comfort of a deck chair.
Where: Main Pool, Hamilton Island QLD 4803

Daydream Island

Splashes Pool Bar at Daydream Island Resport & Spa

Order cocktails for two, Splashes Pool Bar - Daydream Island
Order cocktails for two, Splashes Pool Bar – Daydream Island

It’s called Daydream Island for a reason! Bobble in the water with a drink in hand at Daydream Island Resort & Spa’s Splashes Pool Bar. Cool off with a drink in hand before enjoying another day of sun-soaked relaxation. What better way to enjoy the afternoon than by looking out over the sparkling water and sipping away at that much needed Strawberry Daiquiri you have been craving since you started counting down your holiday getaway in the Whitsundays? So, what are you waiting for? Swim up to the bar and become best friends with the bartender who will be providing freshly mixed drinks throughout the day.
Where: Daydream Island Resort and Spa, The Whitsundays QLD 4741

Airlie Beach

Tides Restaurant & Bar

Sip by the pool, Tide Restaurant and Bar - Peppers Resort
Sip by the pool, Tide Restaurant and Bar – Peppers Resort

The Tides Restaurant and Bar is one of the best kept secrets in the Peppers Resort. If you have had a big day out kayaking or exploring the island on your own personal adventure, sit back and relax at the Peppers resort pool during the warm nights while feeling the breeze. The magic really happens at night when the sun begins to set and the sky becomes a swirl of orange and red colours. Open to the public, you don’t have to be staying at Peppers to enjoy this spectacular pool with a view across the island. Have your mind blown as you lie on your back at the deck or swim in the water with a Martini chatting away with friends.
Where: Peppers Coral Coast Mount Whitsunday Drive, Airlie Beach QLD 4802

Know another resort with a fantastic pool bar in the Whitsundays? Let us know where you went.