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Shae Killey4 years ago

Wyong locals, you are what you eat!

Are you constantly stressed or in a bad mood? It could be due to the food you eat! Every single carbohydrate, protein and vitamin you consume has an impact on your metabolism, hormones and neurotransmitters, as well as a range of other things. While most people diet for physical reasons, not many consider the mental and emotional benefits of eating nutritional foods. Whether you're feeling low on energy during the day or just can't seem to relax, the types of food you consume have a big impact on this. So keep reading and find out which foods influence your mood, and how!

Happy foods


If you’re looking to raise the levels of happiness in your life start consuming more vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. The B vitamins lower your homocysteine levels (higher levels have been linked to depression) and help your body produce more adrenaline enabling you to better control stress. Also, consuming more chromium and serotonin will help balance your mood.

Vitamin B6: leafy greens and seeds

Vitamin B12: fish, poultry and meat

Chromium: onions and tomatoes

Serotonin: poultry, red meat and wholegrains

Relaxing foods


When we’re stressed our body’s magnesium levels begin depleting. If you feel like you’re always getting overwhelmed, eating more magnesium can help to restore the balance.

Magnesium: pumpkin seeds, leafy greens and almonds

Food to keep you alert


Eating more tyrosine will help build your body’s neurotransmitters, resulting in more alertness. Also, increasing the amount of zinc in your body will work with your omega-3 fats to help boost alertness. It’s not just about food though, as increasing your water intake will help battle poor concentration and energy levels as well.

Tyrosine: avocados, bananas, beans and poultry

Zinc: seeds, nuts and beans

Food to battle low energy levels


While all the food you eat technically gives you energy, not eating enough iron and vitamin B12 can cause you to become anaemic and feel low on energy. Also, eating vitamin C-rich foods will better help your body absorb the iron you eat.

Vitamin B12: fish, poultry and meat

Iron: red meat, poultry, squash and shellfish

Vitamin C: capsicum and tomatoes

If you feel like you might be battling the signs of a mental health issue, a change of diet might not be what you need. You should take a trip to your local Wyong medical centre and seek some professional advice.

Lift your spirits with a quality meal.

If you’re looking for some food to lift your mood, you can pick some fresh ingredients up at your local Wyong supermarket, or forget about the dishes for the night and head one of these popular Wyong restaurants.

Ocean Restaurant

Beautiful seaside views, Ocean Restaurant - Wyong
Beautiful seaside views, Ocean Restaurant – Wyong

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Where: 102 Ocean Pde Blue Bay NSW

Golden Lake Chinese Restaurant

A little piece of China in the heart of Gorokan, Golden Lake Chinese Restaurant - Wyong
A little piece of China in the heart of Gorokan, Golden Lake Chinese Restaurant – Wyong

With tasty traditional Chinese cuisine at extremely affordable prices, Golden Lake Chinese Restaurant is sure to become your new go-to restaurant. Situated in Wallarah Road, the talented chefs and friendly wait staff work together to make your restaurant experience one to remember. Their Mongolian beef is an extremely popular choice, however if you’re bringing the whole family along, we suggest ordering one their delicious banquets. This will let you taste an array of delectable dishes, while giving you best value for money. With BYO available as well, you really can’t go past Golden Lake Chinese Restaurant.
Where: 1/82 Wallarah Rd Gorokan NSW

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Have you noticed certain foods that have an effect on your mood? Share your experiences in the comments below!