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Eleanor Knight4 years ago

Make your home look & feel fabulous with these 4 tips!

Are you keen to brighten up your home without spending a fortune? Then we suggest reading up on these 4 DIY home hacks! From up-cycling your old furniture with a lick of paint, to placing flowers in old jam jars and tin cans, there are so many ways to beautify your home without spending the big bucks. So what are you waiting for? Read these 4 tips, chuck on those overalls and start clearing out the cupboards! Looking for a lovely Gosford florist who can work wonders with a bunch of flowers? We've included a couple below too!

Save those jam jars

A stunning jam jar arrangement
A stunning jam jar arrangement

If you haven’t already been saving your used jam jars, then start doing so now! These little treasures are perfect to use as an alternative to a vase and look great with a bunch of delicate flowers inside. Before using, be sure to thoroughly clean the jam jars and make sure you remove all labels!

Ask around for wooden crates

Crates can be great storage options or TV stands!
Crates can be great storage options or TV stands!

Wooden crates make for the perfect shabby chic TV stand, storage space or side table for inside your home. You can decide to either paint them to match your interior, or simply give them a scrub down and leave natural for a rustic look – it’s up to you!

Don’t throw away tin cans

Plant your own herb garden in a bunch of tin cans!
Plant your own herb garden in a bunch of tin cans!

Have you been throwing away your old baked bean cans? Well stop right now, as these little gems make the ultimate pots for plants. Give them a scrub—and a lick of paint if desired—before popping your favourite flowers in them. Why not grow some herbs in them to keep in the kitchen? The possibilities are endless with tin cans!

Paint is your best friend

Brighten anything up with a splash of paint!
Brighten anything up with a splash of paint!

Have you got some old furniture that you want to get rid of, but can’t afford to replace it? Whether it’s the dining table, an old set of chairs or a bed frame, it can all look brand new with a splash of colour! If you love the vintage look or prefer to keep it crisp and modern, paint really is your best friend when it comes to DIY!

Want some gorgeous flowers to put inside those lovely jam jars or aluminium cans? We suggest visiting these amazing Gosford florists for the perfect bunch!

Terrigal SeaRose Florist

Beautiful flowers, Terrigal SeaRose Florist - Gosford
Beautiful flowers, Terrigal SeaRose Florist – Gosford

For a fantastic range of beautiful flowers, be sure to visit Terrigal Sea Rose Florist. This lovely location is home to a number of friendly professionals, who are able to create whatever arrangement you desire. Whether you’ve been dreaming of a rustic bouquet, a delicate display or a bright and beautiful bunch, if you visit this Gosford florist, you’re limited only by your imagination. As well as flowers, Terrigal Sea Rose Florist offers a range of gift baskets, hampers, plants and balloons, perfect for every occasion. Pop in and say hello to the welcoming team today!
Where: 2/14 Bellbird Ave Terrigal NSW 2260

Flowers on the Coast

A beautiful arrangement, Flowers on the Coast - Gosford
A beautiful arrangement, Flowers on the Coast – Gosford

With more than 20 years’ experience within the industry, you know if you visit Flowers on the Coast, you’re guaranteed a quality display. From custom-made hampers to balloons and bouquets, whatever you desire can be found at this fantastic Gosford florist. Want a gorgeous bunch to complement those new jam jars? Talk to the experienced team at Flowers on the Coast, who will be more than happy to create the perfect arrangement for you. Located on Erina Street, head down to this welcoming florist today and prepare to be amazed!
Where: Imperial Centre Gosford 5/110 Erina St Gosford NSW 2250

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Have we missed your favourite Gosford florist? Tell us about them below!